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Other options for birthday balloons



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I would love to make the pixie stix balloons, but we can't give out food. Besides straws, does anyone have any other ideas of what to use??? I was thinking about using pencils or the glow stick necklaces from Dollar Tree.


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I got jumbo pencils at Dollar Tree. They are about the width of a finger and probably 15-16 inches long. I know the kids will love them but they may drive me nuts. LOL


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Glow stick necklaces

I just bought 25 glow necklaces from the Target $1 bins. I am excited because they come in tall packages that will work great with the balloons.


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We technically aren't allowed to give anything sugary unless it's during a class party. So, I will be giving them to my students at the end of their special day or at the beginning with the understanding that they can't eat it till they get home. :) ;)


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Birthday Balloons....

I have decided to have a variety of balloons and let each student pick one from the bouquet on their birthday.

I love the Pixi Stix idea and finally found them on Amazon (50 ct) and Oriental Trading (40 ct.). I couldn't decide on which size I wanted though. Amazon's are put out by Nestle and are 22 inches long, while Oriental Trading are put out by Wonka and are 11 inches. Does anyone know which will work better for the balloons?

I picked up some of the curvy straws at the Dollar Tree today. :)

I have some Smencils from last year I'll use. :)

I also ordered some of those "rainbow pencils" to use.
http://www.orientaltrading.com/rainbow pencils-a2-12_3577-18-0.fltr

I round a really cute tall cylinder tube that has birthday balloons all over it to store them in. I found it at Michaels. It looks like the tubes that you can put your wine bottle in. :)

Thanks to Tonya and everyone else that contributed to these darling birthday treats!


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I just posted a picture of my glow bracelet balloons. They turned out great!

Gr8*Teacher - I saw the large pixie sticks at Dollarama today and they look like the ones in the pictures I've seen on here. They were made by Wonka. Anyone living in Canada the ones I saw were 2/$1.


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Thanks Teacherpal12....

I'll keep shopping around before I make a final purchase. :)

You'll have to post a pic of your glow bracelets. I might need some of them also.

Have I mentioned lately....I love PT!