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Our family has grown by, uh, 8 feet!


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We went to the Humane Society on Saturday and these two doggies were "bonded" and had to go as a set. This is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY out of character for me to bring home TWO dogs. We went looking for one but I couldn't leave without them. Meet Toffee and Shortcake!

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Two cute

They are adorable, I wouldn't have been able to resist those faces, either. Something similar happened to me - my husband told me to choose from the last two puppies of a litter and we ended up with both of them. <!--giggle--> They are my besties now! I'm so glad I chose them both. It's such a great thing that you didn't break their bond.

Cat woman

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Ah yes, the “bonded” ones will get you every time! That is how we got Gretchen and Zipper;). Toffee and Short are precious!


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They’re darling and so are you for keeping them together. Enjoy your new family—and thanks for your clever 8 ft.


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So cute!

Enjoy these new members of your family. So sweet of you to rescue them so they could stay together. If they could they would say, "THANK YOU".

Ruby tunes

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Bonded pair

They sure are very cute! It’s wonderful that now they can always be together, thanks to your kindness.


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Congrats! They are adorable.

When I was a teen my mom took my brother and I to choose a puppy out of the litter. End of the story we came home with the last two: a brother and sister. My brother and I were thrilled, my dad a bit surprised <!--giggle-->