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Our staff needs a "pick-me-up"!


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Does anybody have any good ideas to help cheer up a very tired and overworked staff? I know I've seen cute ideas on here before (e.g. the "presciption" m&m's thing). Your input would be MUCH appreciated to help me help my staff out during this busy time of year!


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A couple of things...

We do a bag lunch where all interested participants draw the name of someone to bring a lunch for. The person's name also includes likes/dislikes, and any allergies they might have. It's fun to have someone else bring in lunch for you, and it's fun to create someone else's. We also did Friendship Fridays where you drew the name of someone and each Friday for a month, you bought in something small and wrote a note for the person. On the fourth one, the gift was larger and you told the person who you were.


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What about starting a Random Acts of Kindness movement? You start (maybe get a few others involved) doing things for other teachers along with leaving them a note encouraging them to do the same....

One year we had two little baskets that traveled around our school (staff list attached to it) where you pick someone to fill the basket for--fresh cookies, a novel, a coupon for a movie rental/box of micro pop, a little plant, etc---put a little note on it about bringing cheer, etc. and asking them to spread the joy by filling the basket for someone else. If they don't wish to participate, they can just return the basket to you and you can find another staff person on the list to start it again.


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One of my schools had a local chiropractic office come in and give free massages during lunch. Obviously they were trying to advertise for their office but it certainly made for some happy teachers that afternoon:)


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Pick me up

We had a local massage therapist come in. She charged $10 for 15 minutes. The staff didn't mind paying and are wanting me to line her up to come back on a regular basis.
We also do snack day about once every 6 weeks. We all bring something - if you want to participate and enjoy lunch.
Another thing - there are leaves in the office and you are welcome to get 1 or as many as you want and write some thank you on it for another person and tape it to their door.
Just a few things.