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Hi Everyone!
I just need some support. I graduated Dec. 2004 with my education degree and am a licensed teacher. I decided to go to grad school right away so I took a job as a teaching assistant in a special needs school so that I would have more time for school. Normally it's great because I only work 30 hours a week and never have to take anything home with me, but since January the lead teacher in the room has been having big health problems and has been hard to deal with. Now, the lead teacher (who has been teaching there for 32 years) went on medical leave until the end of the year and I have been hired as her long-term substitute. It's great because I know the kids, I get to make lessons of my own for once, and it gives me good experience. However, I feel like everyone around me is expecting me to fail! I get people asking me all the time, "Are you ok?" "Are you handling it?" "What are you doing with the kids?" Etc., Etc. The people who keep asking really have no business with me, they are other teachers, assistants, and support staff. They all ask me nosy questions about why I was hired and what my qualifications are. I have been staying very perky and telling everyone that I'm great, we are great, etc. but this is really starting to wear on me. Plus, the extra hours and planning are really tiring me out. I know that I am doing a good job with the kids and I keep telling everyone that we are fine, that I can't tell anyone details but they just keep on. I'm starting to doubt myself and feel like I am being spied on. People I hardly know keep coming by to "observe" the room. These are not my administrators so I know that they are just nosy. There are 6 weeks left of school to get through so I hope that people start leaving me alone! The other thing is that the administration has asked if I would consider continuing as the sub this fall if they should need and I don't know if I want to! Ugh! I just feel stressed! My husband is a sweet man but he is not a teacher and just doesn't understand!