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PA teachers


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I need your advice ... is it true that you do not need your masters to teach in PA?
I currently teach in CT and will be moving next school year (I am getting married). Here is CT we need our masters. I also got my sixth year teacher certificate which is equivalent to a second masters.
Everyone I talk to says I won't get hired because I have too much education. Should I leave the Sixth Year off my resume?
Please advise!


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don't need one

I teach in PA and was hired with just my Bachelor's. I did go on and get my Masters in Elem. Ed. within a few years. It really made a difference in my salary! :s)

Obviously, any district that hired you will have to pay you more since you have a Masters degree. That may or may not be a deterrent.

Good luck finding a position. Where are you going to be living in PA?



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Don't leave it off

I wouldn't leave anything off the resume. You could be in legal trouble if you are hired and then the district finds out they must pay you more. Believe me, they WILL find out and could possibly take back the contract and put you on a blacklist. It's not worth it.