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Palindromes and word play?


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I was thinking this might be a fun way to end the year. Does anyone have any great ideas? My brain is fried and I am out of ideas! Thanks!

Alicia G

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That would be fun. I remember a few years ago doing a web search on palindromes and finding oodles, some that were several sentences long (they were word palindromes, not letter ones).

A good place to start is with names, nicknames, and people (Anna, Otto, Hannah, Dad, Pop, Mom, Tot, Sis).

Have fun!


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Jon Agee

Check out his books. I met him at a coference a few years ago and it was phenomenal!!!!

He not only does words, but entire sentences as palindromes!!


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strange names

Have the students come up with unusual names for themselves that are retail competitors, general terms, or opposites for some or part of their name. For example:

Kay Allbright might be Zales Nonedark

Kay is a jewelry store so it becomes a different jewelry store "Zales".

All would become it's opposite "None".

Bright would become it's opposite "Dark".

The possibilities are endless and can be very amusing!!!

Another thing I've seen is to create your "blues" name or superhero name from the Captain Underpants books. I received those as emails then printed them so I would have to search for them, but they turn out very funny, but very strange.