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Pampered Chef


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This is going to seem like a strange question, but I ask for all kinds of advice from my proteacher friends, so here is another kind!

Has anyone ever been to a Pampered Chef party/show? I went to one on Friday night and absolutely fell in love with the products. I signed up to host a show in my home with the woman who ran the one I was at. I figured i would as least get some free/discounted pampered chef products for hosting.

However, I was also considering becoming a consultant. The consultant said it was excellent comission and you could work as much or as little as you want. She knows many people who do shows only on weekends etc, to make some part-time money for savings or other specific things. I am going to talk to the woman and ask her all of my questions as well. Did she find it hard to find people to host shows etc. I love cooking and these products, and obviously don't mind talking in front of people. I do that everyday, all day! Is anyone a Pampered Chef consultant on the side? Thoughts?


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I've been to one Pampered Chef party and had an ok. time (I think mainly due to the lack of energy this particular consultant had). I only bought a few items since they were a bit pricey (for me).

I am a consultant for BeautiControl when I'm not teaching. I bring the spa experience to the home and office. I absolutely LOVE it. Actually, the only reason I know about BeautiControl is because of ProTeacher! A woman last year mentioned she had been to a Spa Escape and what a great time she had. I was curious, looked it up online, and from there met my director! I had a party last December and signed up on the spot. I can make my own hours, get great discounts on the products I love, and make a decent chunk of extra money (for example, I had a spa on Friday that lasted 2 hours and I walked away with $150 in profit!)

If you are truly interested in becoming a Pampered Chef consultant, I would look into the company, what the start-up costs are, any quota of purchases (most direct sales will need you to make a certain amount of sales/purchases every 3 months or so). Also, how many consultants are in your area? Are the parties popular where you live? My area is heavily concentrated with Avon, Mary Kay, and Pampered Chef ladies, but I am the only BeautiControl consultant for miles!

I say, if you love the products and you have looked into the company, go for it! Best of luck in your decision!


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PC fan

I don't buy it ALL of the time b/c they are kind of pricey and I don't actually COOK all that much! :D

I have been to lots of shows over the years.

Not a fan of the stones (although some people swear by them). I don't use the one I have all that much.

Things I do love are their spatulas, garlic press, quick stir pitchers, and I am sure there is much more.

A lady I know makes a ton off of it. However, I would say hers is more a full time thing and she is pretty high up on the chain of command for this area.

Best of luck! If nothing else at least you will get a discount on some great products. They make excellent gifts!


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I have been to a few parties and hosted one to get discounted/free stuff. I really like their products. When I had my show I bought the pots for 1/2 price. I LOVE THEM. I had plain old farberware for over 20 years and just decided I needed new good stuff. We are real careful about handwashing pots and using correct stirring utensils when cooking. I have several other items--stoneware, peeler(the best), and little trinkets.


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So Ironic!

I went to a pampered cheft party on Friday night too!
Both the consultant and another lady who was there (a former consultant) both said they loooved being a consultant.

Also, I don't know if it was meant for my eyes to see, but in the folder that had the pampered cheft catalogue was a computer printout of the consultant's earnings in a one month period. It showed how many parties she did, the net sales of each party and her commission (27%). And on the bottom was her earned commission for the month and it was WELL over $1,200. (I think she only had about 8 parties listed on that stat sheet with sales from as little as $200 to $1,000 from each party.) I say go for it!! And, she said that she's been doing it for 9 years now, and that she got a complimentary kitchen cookware set or something that was about $900 for doing a good job.

Kat's Mom

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I love pampered chef!

I DO NOT enjoy cooking, but that's actually why I love PC. It's helped my cooking headaches a lot. I am curious what you find out, kitty. I've always wondered how lucrative being a consultant is as well. I do think it works best in an area with fewer consultants and with a higher population. I'm in a dinky rural town so I think I might run out of people for parties. I've hosted two parties; my first brought in $1200, but my second six years later only made $300. As a previous poster mentioned, I had a much more fun consultant the 1st party; the 2nd consultant was very lukewarm, and I think that makes all the differene. I do not know what the consultant's cut is. I did get a lot of free products and half-price items so it was worth it to me, and they have good guarantees on their products as well. BTW, serving wine or some other type of alcohol tends to boost sales! (It's more like a cooking extravanganza that way, I think!)


I used to sell PC..

and actually did it for 7 years. It was good money to make on the side, and I have a ton of PC stuff. The only 2 negatives--I got tired of coming home with dirty dishes, and when the products changed to new styles (like the new pizza cutter--mine's the old model), I felt like I should have all the new things instead of the old (and sometimes didn't make enough sales to earn all of them and didn't have enough $$ of my own to buy them, even with the discount).

Now I'm with Jordan Essentials Bath, Body and Spa and I love it. Much less work at shows (and less sales to stay active), about the same amount of earnings and I work it part time like I did with PC--just enough to stay active and have something to think about besides school.


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my 2 cents

I know lots who used to sell all kinds of products and that list has whittled down to 1 person. I think most of them just got tired of being gone in the evenings and/or weekend nights. Also, as their own personal children's lives became busier just didn't have the time to make the sales quotas. It's also hard to always "hit up" friends to have parties.

On the receiving end, I have many PC products (love the 2 & 4 qt. glass handled bowls!) I don't always enjoy going to a friend's house to buy things. It seems now a days that's the only time I see some friends is to have a "party" but the friends have to buy which only benefits the hostess. Can't we just get together for the sake of getting together? OK, I'm off my soapbox now:)


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If there are not a lot of consultants in your area, it might be a good thing to do for you. In my area, there are a TON of consultants so it's hard for some to get parties. In my hometown, there is one main consultant and she makes SO MUCH money! Someone told me once (not sure if it's true) that you make more money depending on how many people are "under" you as well. So while I do know that people who consult usually do pretty well, her job is also to persuade people to become consultants. I feel like whenever I go to a party, whether it is Mary Kay or PC or whatever, there is always the "on the sly" mention of how wonderful it would be for you to become a consultant. So, look into it, ask around, but really get some details before you sign up. If it seems like something you'd be interested in then by all means go for it! Just get all the necessary info beforehand. Good luck!


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I wanted to thank everyone for your advice and encouragement. I spoke to a current consultant and got all the information. I am right now asking my friends and family if they know anyone who would host my first few shows to get my business off the ground. If I can find a bunch of takers, I'm going to do it! Thanks!