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paper bag folders?



Does anyone know how to fold a brown paper grocery bag into a pocket folder? I was shown a few years ago, but have forgotten and I can't find any instructions on the internet. I've got the bags, but am clueless.


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Sounds like Dr. Jean

I think Dr. Jean talked about this at one of her workshops. Try looking at her Drjean.org site. She's amazing!

I've just popped onto pt for a minute (yeah right! it always turns into an hour!). I have to finish up my newsletter so I can't check out Dr. Jean for you!

:) Gobble Gobble! Happy turkey day! Yippee!!! Our first vacation!



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Bag Ladies

This is one of the Bag Ladies projects. I think the directions are in the book Math Manipulatives and Magic Wands. You might try googling them as well. They have wonderful projects that use paper bags similar in concept as Dinah Zike's foldables.