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Parent absurdities!



I teach 1st grade and have a super-protective parent. She has complained about several things, although has never really been confrontational. She's just one of those people that acts like she knows more than you and will do anything to make a point. Snooty would be the correct word I guess.

She is making a big stink now that our handwriting program does not match the Title 1 reading program worksheets. I and the Title 1 teachers have both explained to her that the Title 1 (Reading Master - Direct Instruction) shows print how it is printed in books. Our handwriting is in D'nealian to help with letter formation and is a completely separate thing. The Title 1 focus is phonics and reading, not handwriting. Well she still insists on whiting out the reading mastery worksheets to put the tails on and whatever. So fine, we let her, as long as he's doing the work, right?

Well, now she has decided that because he can read 1 Dr. Suess rhyming book that he should be pulled out of the program completely. I am so concerned because he is still very below in reading. He is just barely on a DRA 5. 10 is on grade level right now. She knows this.
She just says that the Title 1 program is "frustrating him and breaking his spirit." It's all pretty ridiculous. I also need to mention that his behavior is less than perfect. He wants everything his way and doesn't listen to his mom or me. I, however, actually MAKE him follow rules. She doesn't.
He has been to the office several times for acting up during Title 1. He is now very excited that he is getting out of the reading program. I wonder if that's part of mom's decision. She says he feels too different from the other kids and it's taking away from his confidence. Well what kind of confidence will he have when he can't read?!

I guess my question for all of you, is what do I say to her at the conference this week? I really think he should still be in Title 1 and if he isn't, he certainly can't handle the centers that the higher kids in my room do independently during that time. What can I tell mom to convince her that he needs the extra reading support? I've only been teaching 2 years so I could really use some advice. Thanks!!


i feel for ya

Talk to mom using her own words. He is "FRUSTRATED" in Title I. His "SPIRIT IS BROKEN." That means this work is already ABOVE what he is capable of doing. Giving him HARDER work will ADD to his frustration, not relieve it.


Have her put it in writing

Students enrolled in Title I at my school must sign parent consent form to allow services. Do the same for withdrawal of Title I services. Explain to the mom that you need a signed note from her explaining that she wants to remove her child from the Title I program. This will make it clear to anyone later on that you did not take away the service and the parent made the choice against your advice. Sadly the child is the one being short changed but you can cover yourself when she complains that he isn't ready for 2nd grade. Be flexible and allow her to sign her name in D'nealian and don't waste your time whiting out the tails.