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Parent accusing me of taking money


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OH boy, if I have ever in my life.... Our class went on a field trip last week. This particular student was given $5.00 (so mom says) to take with her. ON the field trip, she stopped to buy 2 souvenirs, which totaled $4.00.

Next place we went the girl left her money on the bus, and asked if she could borrow $1.00 from me. I did give her the money, and she said she would pay me back as soon as we get on the bus. Well, indeed the student did give me back $1.00.

Here is the problem, the parent is accusing me of taking the $5.00, and she doesn't understand where her money went. I assured her that she had only given me back $1.00 and that her souvenirs totaled to $4.00. I am going round and round with her about this,,,, I'm quit sick of emailing her back, and telling her the same thing.

What do I do?? Lord, we only have two weeks left of school, and this parent will not get off my back...... "Teacher caught taking $5.00 from student",,,,, I can see the front page. Give me a break!! It is like she has to have the last word, but it totally offends me that she is accusing me of taking her daughter's money... HELP!!!


I Would Just Give $5

I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I would've assured the parent I wasn't a thief...then I would have GIVEN her $5, just so I wouldn't have to deal with it. So many people have serious financial issues that even small change becomes a big deal. It sends a horrible message to kids, I think, to have them see us get so wound up over such a small issue.

Money should not rule our lives the way it does.


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I agree with Kirsten

I would ask for a meeting with the principal. I would NOT give the mother $5. I understand financial problems, but she gave the girl the $5 to spend on the trip. Didn't she see what the girl bought?

She's trying to destroy your credibility. That cannot be tolerated.

Have you told your principal about this?


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the kid

What does the kid say happened to the money? Ask him why the mom is confused about the $5 when he/she spent it on souvenirs.


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This is one reason we don't allow money on field trips. I don't understand why she doesn't get that the girl spent her money. Didn't she show her mom what she bought? No way would I give her $5.00. I wouldn't have even loaned her the $1.00. My policy is to have nothing at all to do with money if at all possible. I don't want to be responsible for it. Call her on the phone to see what she doesn't understand, then a meeting with the principal if needed. This mom is really being out of line. I'm sorry you have to deal with this. You have lots of other worthwhile things to do.


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Meeting is great idea

I would bet mom won't come to meeting. Ask to see the souveniers. Child needs to write a note telling mom what she bought and what she did with the dollar change. Next email ask her to come talk with you and the principal. I suspect she is trying to wear you down and get another $5. These kind of things drive me nuts. I am sure you are an honest person. Good luck.


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I agree

with most of the people here. I would not EVER give her back her money. THat would only lead her to believe that she was right and you did take her child's money. Not to mention she is in the wrong and you are not. I do however think that all communication with this parent needs to stop immediatly. If you receive another e-mail from her your only reply should be that you would like to schedule an appointment with her and your principal. Offer no other comment especially in writing/typing. Careful what you put in an e-mail she may be saving them. That may be why she continues to e-mail you. Waiting for you to say something that she can get you on. No more communication except with principal. Future field trip rule - No money for souvenirs as the students aren't allowed to shop anyway. :) Good luck


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I would explain it once and then no more. If she is still confused she can set up a meeting. I don't waste my time with parents that just want to argue about stupid things.

Mrs. G

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I agree with Tex. Don't reply to this anymore. You have explained it to her enough. I would however give your Principal a heads up on this situation. If the parent does want to meet with you make sure your Principal is present.


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Meeting with vice principal

Well the latest update... thanks for all the suggestions. I finally went to my vice principal and told her about the situation. She said, "just drop it" the parent is crazy, and she is just fishing for something to get you on.

I sent her the last email, saying I had spoken to another student (who she borrowed money from), and this student said that she did not ever get her money back.

I kept the email short and sweet and just said, that she would have to disuss it with her daughter, that I didn't know what she did with the money.

I will keep this in mind, next time I take a field trip.... NO money!!

Thanks everyone