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Parent Christmas ideas


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HELP!! I need some different parent Christmas present ideas. The presents that I have done in the past I have never been happy with. I am looking for some new ideas. Thank you!


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My first graders make a 2008 calendar for their parents. The very front has a picture of the entire class.
I tie all the pages with pretty ribbon.
They turn out really cute.


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Thank you bag

i don't know if this is from PT or Mailbox, but we're doing it this week and i'm really excited about it. i'm going to give each child a paper bag and let them make the turkey handprint on the front. then, they can make a card for mom and one for dad (or gma, aunt, whoever they live with) telling them thank you for _______. i'm going to model the card on the board, but let them run with it. they can put the cards in the bag and give them to their parents on thanksgiving. i am a parent, and i think i would be tickled if my daugher gave me something that just said thank you or i am thankful for you! just an idea:)


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oopse, that was for thanksgiving!

oopse, i misread your message. that was a thanksgiving parents idea. we made handprint tiles for christmas gifts and they should be back in a few weeks. we are doing something else for gifts that i hope none of the parents have. i live on the ms gulf coast and i'm going to one of the islands to get oyster shells. my kids are going to paint them like santa and we'll hot glue a hook on them for ornaments. not sure where you live or if you have access to oyster shells, but i thougt it was a unique and affordable gift (shells are free:))


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Christmas gifts for parents

I have everyone bring a jar with a metal lid- not a canning jar with a two piece lid- salsa jars are good. Then we cover the top of the jar with baker's clay. I have to help a little, but they do most of it. The kids cut little shapes out of the baker's clay and stick them on the top with a little water. I have a small star, gingerbread boy, angel, etc. I encourage simplicity! I bake them after school and then the next day we paint them with watercolors. I have had several teacher's children in my class, and they all love them, even if they don't last forever. One puts candy in it, one uses it all year long for things like rubber bands...(Sometimes the tops crack after 10 years or so!) I like this gift because it's almost free and it really kid-made. We decorate white lunch bags with markers for gift wrap and stuff with tissue paper. Again, cheap and kid-made.


christmas gift idea

One year I had my first graders bring in a white paint roller. Then I bought a bunch of felt and fleece, buttons, socks for hats, pom poms, etc. Each student chose some felt or fleece and tied a scarf and glued buttons down the front. We used colorful socks for hats and beads for the eyes and nose and they made adorable snowmen. I also used twigs from outside for arms.

This year I am collecting those mini water bottles with the little "legs" on the botton to make santas. Just pour some red paint in the water bottle and have your studens shake it so it coats the bottle. Use a styrofoam ball for the head. Felt for the hat and cotton balls for the beard and hair. Tie a black felt belt around the middle of the bottle and a glitter pipecleaner for a buckle. They look really cute!