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Parent Letters


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Hi! I am a new teacher and will be teaching 2nd grade in the fall. Communication at our school is highly emphasized. We are to send a letter home each week, kind of a progress report of 2nd grade. This should include upcoming tests,homework, fieldtrips and important info. :) I know that I need to send a welcome letter also, including a supply list. I also am going to send the kids a post card at the beginning of August saying I am glad they are in my class. I am nervous about addressing parents. Is this normal? I want to be well received. What are some important things to include in parent letters? Does anyone have any ideas or samples ? Thanks so much! Mandi

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I attached a typical weekly newsletter. They're nothing to be nervous about. I just try to explain a little bit about what we're up to at school and ways that parents can help. I also address any issues/concerns for parents and list upcoming events.
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news letters

Mine aren't as long as the last poster's. I get a "newspaper" with boxes for different things to put in. I try to be very upbeat especially since I teach in a high poverty area. I talk about how proud I am at the children for doing this or that, give upcoming dates and on the back I put the spelling list for the following week. Communication is one of the biggies for NCLB and for me, this is the easiest way to communicate. I ask the parents at conferences if they are seeing the newsletter. Sometimes it can be a pain, especially if the week gets hectic, but its great for me 'cause not all of the teachers do it and my principal really likes the fact I do. I also keep all of the notes I have so I can prove i have done them.


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weekly newsletter

I used to do a monthly newsletter, but then found a weekly one worked better. I LOVE the ones that Mailbox magazine gives online. It has a pattern for each month, and blocks to add your own information. It takes me 5 minutes to write down information for the parents! I also use this same sheet to have the daily discipline at the bottom (they get a smiley face that day if they behave), and a homework sheet on the back (also from the same website for Mailbox). I don't know if I downloaded it correctly, but you can go to theeducationcenter.com and see their online extenders - that's where it's located. :)