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Parent Make and Take for the Upper Grades?


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Hello! Our school is doing a big parent night. Teachers will be presenting parents with tips on working on reading and math at home with their children. Parents will also be able to make an activity (reading) to take home and work with their child on.

I get how to do this in math, and even for reading in the primary grades. However, I am stumped about games ideas for the upper grades. Does anyone have any great ideas?

Thanks so much!


Math Game Suggestion

Go to the following web site and click on the link for Week-by-Week Essentials. Here you will find a collection of math games for grades 3-5. You will have to search to find the "one game" that's right for you, but I think you may be able to find something to help you here. Good luck!



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Parent Make and Take Reading

File folder games with self-checking are always a good thing. You could do skills with reading like main idea, inferencing, etc. It would be great practice for students and parents at home.

Carrie in WV

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Great Site, Jennie!

Thanks for posting this site. It had a ton of great ideas! I'm thankful I logged on this evening...:)