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Parent Night Presentation - Reading

Georgia Girl

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Hey! I need to present a 30 minute or so presentation to PRE-K parents on reading. Just wondering what fun, innovative and new ideas some of you might have to share. I'd like to have something for the parents to take home with them, so if you've got something you can send me a copy of I'd really appreciate it! Happy Reading! :)


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Pre-K parents need to know that "children that are not read to will not be interested in learning to read"...I don't know who said it, but it is true. The web site Reading Rockets has great information and I have used the book "Miss Tizzy" by Libba Moore Gray to open reading presentations. In this book, Miss Tizzy plays with the children in a wide variety of ways and when she becomes ill, the children know to "play" for Miss Tizzy. It is a children's book with a great message for adults.
Also, Rosemary Wells "Read to Your Bunny" is a great little book. See if your local library will provide lists, bookmarks, and/or let them sign up for a library card. I don't know what population you serve...but let them know to READ, READ, READ!! I can always tell which of my kindergarten children come from a reading home.