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parent says I don't care


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I have been working for months to help a particular student to improve in math. I have been in frequent contact with her mother to give her ideas/suggestions to help. We were scheduled for a quiz on probability last week and her mom emailed me saying she had brought home nothing to study with. I told her that we did not have a study guide since this was such a quick and easy unit and that if she had been doing her homework and paying attention in class, she should do fine (although I wish she had brought home graded assignments to review before the quiz.) Even though the quiz was pretty easy (I thought) her daughter managed to fail it. Today I got an email from her mom saying that I told her her daughter would do fine and that it was a no brainer, but somehow she failed. She goes on to rant and finally finishes with "am I the only one who cares?"
I started off being furious (after all I've done HOW could she say that) but have moved on to just being hurt. In 13 years, I have never had someone suggest I don't care enought to help their child. I wish I knew how to separate my professional life from my personal feelings sometimes. Then the problems that arise at work wouldn't follow me home.


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Take it for what it probably was --- a knee jerk reaction to her disappointment. Sometimes we all need to file that email in the drafts folder and step away from the computer. The mom should have done that.
Sorry you were on the receiving end.


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You're not the chid's mom. She should care more than you. The mom needs to help her daughter more, not blame you. I would probably spend more time with another student whose parents would appreciate me more if I were you. Don't let this mom push you around any more.


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Make the same comment

Make the same comment to the parent as you mentioned: "In 13 years..." Then give them examples of the strategies you've implemented, again. They need to hear it. And then suggest tutoring. One teacher can't do everything, and her math score issues will not only show up this year. It will be an ongoing problem.

I take negative comments personally too-oh, the sleepless nights!


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You have done well!

I think it sounds like you went above and beyond for child and parent. I am sorry mom isn't holding child accountable. I am so tired of parents pushing their duties and child's onto us. I know it hurts for her to say those things but maybe she wasn't thinking. I don't think I'd reply but perhaps just send the email back and tell her you are also sorry child didn't do well.