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Parent Teacher Conferences


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I am going to be hosting parent teacher conferences next week. I am looking for new ideas or suggestions on how to handle conferences.

What do you discuss?
What do you show the parents?
How long do you allow for each conference?
How do you handle the "bad" conference?
Do you have any cute ideas for conferences?
Do the students do anything in particular before conferences for the parents?

I am in need of new ideas.




I do not do anything cute for conferences anymore. There's just not enough time for each one (15 minutes). I try to do cute stuff for open house early in the year. If you have more time for your conferences - you might ask your students to write a letter to parents telling them one good thing they are doing in school and one area for improvement.

I like to have student work to look at with parents. I don't just like to talk with nothing to show parents - I tend to ramble and get tounge tied because I get kind of nervous talking to parents sometimes. I saved a few work samples from all areas: writer's notebook, spelling tests, word wall recognition test, science test, and a social studies maping activity. This gives us something to focus on during conferences. I use grade keeper so I print a summary report for reading only and put that on top. I discuss it and then show work samples and follow the ole saying "start with something positive, mention an area or areas for improvement, end with something posititve.

Parents always want to know what they can do at home. I have a copy of the 100 basic sight words for first grade to give them and suggest making flash cards. For my higher students I might have the 2nd or 3rd grade list too. Parents often do not understand exactly what kind of books their child should be able to read independently. IF time permits, I I show them a copy of our guided reading books and explain with g.r is and what we do.

I always begin with "Do you have any questions or concerns before I begin?" It lets them get things started if they do have immediate concerns before you start talking.

I really do not like conference day. I try to get through it by being organized as possible - I get all work packets in order as they are scheduled for the day. Mine were last Monday. Have some ideas for what parents can do to help those struggling readers. Most seem clueless as to how to help their child practice reading at home Good luck!


We have ours next week too!

We have 30 minutes set aside for each conference.

Last year I put our candy, but I am not going to this year, because it is hard for parents to eat candy, and talk at the same time. A fun idea is to put out cute paper and have parents write a note to their child. Then they can put the note in their reading book.. cubbie.. some place where it will be a surprise the next day.

We have 2 page written evaluations to go over at conferences. I go over the eval quickly, so that the parents have time to ask questions. A good thing to ask is "what does your child say about school?". I will put out work, but not everything, usually jsut their journal, handwriting book and phonics book (because math goes home daily).

If you are expecting that a "bad" conference is coming up.. you should have someone from your admin sit in with you. I had a very demanding parent last year that was very hard to deal with.. and to put myself at ease I had my director sit in with me.

Hope that this helps! :)


Conference tips

For: Guidelines for Educator-Parent Conferences... see http://www.kellybear.com/TeacherArticles/TeacherTip11.html


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Thank you

I tried your idea of having cute paper and markers outside the room for parents to write their child a note. The children really enjoyed the notes left by their parents. I noticed that most of my parents took the time to write a quick I love you or I am proud of you note. Thank you for the cute idea. I had a few coworkers say they were going to do it next time.