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Parent/teacher conferences

Sue W.

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How do you work parent/teacher conferences in your school? Here the regular classroom teachers are scheduled and a note is sent to "stop by" the Title I room after the family's scheduled conferences are over. Last night I had 4 wonderful conferences, concerned, supportive families, glad that their children were getting help. The down side is that 11 of my students had been scheduled!


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I used to schedule

I get the same amount of time as the classroom teachers, and while they have 25 conferences to schedule, I have over 50. I used to send home notes requesting they set up a scheduled time and I worked around all their other conferences if I could. It was expected that I also meet with every parent. It was a nightmare, I'd have many no-shows, a few who would reply that no conference would happen, some who asked only for a telephone conference but then would be hard to reach by phone.

This year I asked if I could simply offer open house-type hours, just stop by before or after your other conferences, and principal agreed. She also suggested, though, that I try to sit in on the conferences with the classroom teacher for the ones I am really concerned about. That way parent gets double whammy about services offered that they may not be using, like after school tutoring.


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I'e done conferences both ways...

but the last few years I have let parents know I'm available during the regular school day for conferences and that they can stop in for a visit before or after their conference with the classroom teachers. If they want to set up a specific time for a conference of course I do that. Many of our teachers stay until 8:00 p.m. on the first day of conferences so they can go home early the next day. I did that a few times but ended up being at school and parents not showing, so I'm careful about who I schedule that late. I usually stay until 5 or 6 oclock the first day of conferences, then leave at 2:30 the second day. I also try to sit in on the classroom conference if possible, but don't say too much because our teachers only have 15 minutes scheduled per student.