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Parent Volunteers need a task...



Most of my parents who have volunteered to help out this year are able to come into the classroom throughout the day to help with parties, activities, etc. However, I have a few working parents who still want to be involved and have asked if they can help me out by cutting, pasting, & putting little things together at home in the evenings. I would LOVE it if I could have them put together things like file folder games, little center activities, etc. However, all of the templates I've found for things like this seem way too elaborate and as though it would take less time for me to just do myself than to have to explain to a volunteer what I'd like for them to do. Does anyone have any good templates, sites, etc.? for simple classroom things that the parents can put together at home? They keep asking me why I haven't sent them anything yet, so I feel like I need to get some things in order. I just don't want to send home one or two simple cutting things that I could have easily done myself...do you know what I mean?

Suggestions or ideas are glady accepted!!! Thank you!


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Parent help from home

I have a math game I just had a parent do. It was 4 baggies of 100 circles each made of foam. I used a die cut and sent home one huge bag of the foam circles. The parent's job was to write number 1-100 on the circles and put them in a baggie. Filling 4 baggies. The game uses a blank 100s grid. Working in pairs, the students draw #s out of the baggie and write the number on the correct spot on the grid.

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paper pattern blocks

If you use pattern blocks have parents cut out the paper shapes used to record pattern block activities. I send home colored sheets of paper-a few with the black line of the shape. For example I send home a package of yellow paper and maybe 10 yellow sheets with the hexagon shape copied on it. Parents staple two or three blank sheets to one of the copied and cut out multiple yellow hexagons.