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Parent Volunteers.



What are some things that your parent volunteers do for you? I'm just curious because I don't know if I am utilizing them to the fullest!

Mrs. M

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I have my parent volunteers come in during Guided Reading time - I usually switch it around but sometimes they may be a "game" center where they are playing sight word bingo or a phonemic awareness game with the groups, I have them read with them individually a lot, I also have them walk around and help them with their reading packets (independent reading packets that they work on from Scholastic).

Mrs. R

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Using Volunteers

I send home a list of parent helper opportunities in my Open House packet. Parents check off activites that they would like to help with. I have moved away from having parents in during reading and writing workshop because I didn't like how dependent my first graders became on the adult help. Plus it was really hard to get parents to stop spelling/writing for children. I know it works great for many teachers to have parents in during those times,just not for me.

However, I love to have parents come in to the classroom to help with special messy projects, like 100th day centers, painting of any kind, and Fun Friday. The parent for Fun Friday plans the activity for the afternoon. I also have a parent come in once a month to do a cooking activity with the children. Some other jobs include laminating, cutting out laminating, returning books to the book closet, picking up books for science/social studies units from the local library, dealing with Scholastic book club orders, assemblying envelope centers, making playdough at home for our word wall center, and volunteering to accompany our class to library. I try to have a mix of in class and at home volunteer opportunities so those who work full-time still have the option to help in some way. We call it Parent Homework.


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We still have rest time in kindergarten, but shorten it each quarter. So I asked the parents to volunteer for 30 minutes on Fridays in order to read to the children. The children love to hear their friends' parents read, and some of the parents are playing games, singing and just having a great time with their child's class.
We also use parents and other volunteers to work with small groups on flashcards, reading games, listening to children read. Some volunteers come during our reading block, while others wait until the last 45 minutes of the day.
Some of our teachers have the volunteers run papers, cut out things, make bulletin boards, etc. I have found that the parents love working with the children. It's really great for the children whose parents do not work with them at home to have another adult help them one on one.