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Parent yessed me to death



I had a parent come in for a meeting because her child has been doing poorly in school and has other issues. The mom acted like all of the issues I brought up were new to her. I spoke to this mother in October and again at the beginning of December because this child has been having difficulties all year. Mom didn't follow through on my recommendations. I told her that I thought that her daughter needed to be tested because I suspect she has language processing issues. Mom yessed me to death and promised to arrange it through her home district (I teach at a private school). I just feel that this was just a waste of time like the two previous meetings. I don't think she is going to follow through on the testing and sometimes when I speak to parents I think I am talking to a brick wall.


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I know where you're coming from

I used to teach at a small private school until my own children were older and now sub in public school. I had a problem with a child I knew was autistic but no one would listen, not even the higher ups. They said it was lack of discipline at home! The child was sweet and bright but no one wanted to listen. Then one day I came in to school and they tell me that the child is being tested because someone visiting the school told them this child could possibly be austistic, HELLO! I was telling them this all along and I was the only one state certified teaching in this school! (not that that makes the others less of a teacher, there are some good people there). I still don't know why they would listen to an outsider and not one of their employees. Oh, the mother could've cared less, another story....

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supportive administration?

How supportive is the administration at your school? My husband was in a situation last year (private school) where a 5th grader in his class was having an extremely difficult time due to what my husband suspected was a combo of learning disability and hyperactivity. The parent did just what you were describing, including the part about not following through, and the students grades and behavior just got worse and worse. It got to the point where his behavior was disrupting the class on a regular basis and my husband felt like a failure because the kid was not learning.

What eventually happened (after lots of meetings) was the principal and my husband met with the mom and basically set an ultimatum that testing be set up (or at least the process started by a certain date) or the boy would have to leave the school. The mom chose to remove her son from the school.

It probably was not an ideal situation, but my husband felt strongly that he was doing a disservice to the student if he didn't push for testing and some sort of action on the part of the parent.