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Parents running the school


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Just to make this quick and painless..... Why do parents always have the last say so in everything, and why do they not let teacher's do their job???

I have complaints about the curriculum (which I did not make), the discipline plan (which is school wide), etc.....

I could do my job so easier if the parents would let me.... :confused:


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painful questions from parents

If they did that to me, I'd say, "Go talk with our principal."


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Parents do give us a hard time about everything. They seem to forget the school is not centered just on their child but an entire body of students.


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I agree! I am so tired of parents who are convinced that their child is the center of the universe. Sad thing is, these kiddos believe it, too! :( This year I have a bunch of micromanagers who won't hear of their darling suffering any consequences. They also have an excuse for EVERYTHING and somehow, it's all YOUR fault. On the bright side, I only have around 55 school days left in this year!!!!


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so true

It seems everyone thinks and have been told that everyone is entitled to an education. Isn't that what public education is all about?! Until school boards and admin get a back bone parents will run the schools. School districts are so afraid of lawsuits that they will do anything to make parents happy. Johnny isn't doing well he is failing all of his classes. Must be because the teacher isn't teaching him. Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that Johnny doesn't do anything in school, doesn't do his homework, and tells his parents that the teacher is always picking on me. Please! We are teaching a future society of cry babies and whiners. It is very scary to think that in my old age they will be running the country!


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this is my favorite

I had a parent come in one morning last week complaining that her child owed the cafeteria money and that she wasn't paying because he's on free lunch. I said I knew nothing about owing money since I don't work in the cafeteria. She just wouldn't give up. Now, of course her son is new to my room and knows no third-grade material. Is she ever beating down my door about that? No, just the stupid $1.60 she owes the cafeteria.

Paul S.

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My 2 Cents

When I deal with a parent, I try to remember that at least they care enough to be involved. Then I try to remember that I don't work for them! I make my decisions on whatever is best for the kid. Sometimes, that means giving the kid a low grade. When the parent complains, I remind myself that I work for the state to help these kids learn the content and become better students academically and socially. The parents don't really have a say in how things work. I have parents who tell me to raise the grade, etc. What if the parent wants to beat their child? There are limits to what parents can decide and if anything, we have power to look over what they do with their kid.

From 8-3:00 the kid is our responsibility. Keep that in mind and do what is best for the child... not the parent.

smart one

heres your answer

If you treat every child the same then it is just not centered on their child it is every child. They can not say anything unless it is their child anyway, so there ya go!!!