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Parents who just don't know


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I am on my second year with a family with eleven children, and mom may finally come to see me. Our school doesn't bus so I see most families at least once a week. I have seen them twice. Once picking up a suspended member and on the first day of school. This family is always in drama and frankly I am just tired of them. The child needs some attention. When I saw mom last March for other sibling she said he could come to my house for attention. Mom is pregnant with twelve so that is her excuse. I figure she wants something or she wouldn't promise to come in today. I need a new line to express her son needs a few minutes of her time. Thanks

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Could you recommend a mentoring program (Big Brothers Big Sisters) in your area or something that would require individual attention - like tutoring? I'm assuming that with 11 kids + 1 on the way the family probably doesn't have tons of money lying around for support services, but if mom is reluctant to spend time with her child, maybe someone else can!


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You've got to be kidding--12 kids?! I have my hands full with 2. I can't imagine the emotional, physical, and financial resources that would take.

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That's a family, all right

Are big families usual in the community? That really is a lot of kids, and I can imagine that, especially if they're not spaced out, that getting attention at home must be pretty hard. I have one boy whose mom is pregnant with number eight right now--or maybe we're on to nine--but he has teenage siblings who do a lot of helping.

Honestly don't know what I'd advise, except maybe something I've been told as a teacher--even if nothing else can be done, give the kid two minutes of undivided attention a day.

Are there relatives in the area who might help?


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Parents Arrived!

The parents came to see me. My memory must be slipping because they have been to the school at least four times to observe this child. I told them that I never knew of this or saw any sign of them except on the first day of school and when picking up so and so. Then they told me they spend a half an hour a day listening to each of the children read. Four are under four so that only leaves seven. I just had to sit there bite my tongue and say that the child would benefit from at least fifteen minutes of one on one time daily and gave suggestions. I couldn't get them to leave as they wanted to share each family activity they do nightly with me. Thankfully another teacher picked up my class and they had to go. Thank you all for your support!


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Never seen families

I have found that sending our school social worker who is only here on Thursdays to the home to discuss the importance of coming to school helpful. If you do not have this sending in notes about their child not going on a field trip or them having to pick up the child will have them there. Your principal could call and make sure that the family signs in at the office when they are there.
As for "family traditions" etc. a person comes up with some really good fantasy work when feeing backed in a corner. It is funny how some people have an alternate reality than others.