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Partner Whisper Phones


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Has anyone made partner whisper phones with pvc pipe and tubing. The presenter at a conference I attended last summer described a way to add a ''t" pipe connection to a regular pvc pipe whisper phone, and attach two of the phones with some type of hose or tubing. Unfortunately, she didn't bring a sample or a picture with her. I've been scouring the local home suppy stores. but I can't find anything suitable. By the time I get pvc pipe that fits as she describes, any tubing I find is too small in diameter. Has anyone seen one of these?




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pvc pipe

I was visiting my daughter's first grade classroom and each child had one of these. I thought they were great. The children were on task and were able to hear themselves read-imagine that! I found some at Lowes-online, and I was told to hold them together you use the gummy glue.