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parts of US


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Have you moved from the West or Midwest to the East? I have heard that everything comes from California and slowly moves across the US. I think I'm finding the same thing in the education field. I moved from the Midwest to the East coast. I feel like I'm in kind of a time warp here. In one way it's nice because I'm seen as being very on top of the "latest" things in my school. But in another way I'm worried that I'm falling behind the times. I'll be moving back to the Midwest in less than 2 years. I've been in large districts in both places so I don't think that has anything to do with it. There is a lack of professional development opportunities through my present school district. Before I could go to lots during the school year and in the summer. Plus I would get paid stipends. (I'm not interested in spending any more of my own money going back to college. I already have multiple licenses.) It's quite a noticable change to me. Anyone else going through this? What do you do?


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I have always taught in the East, but I have noticed the slow trend of ideas moving across the country too. I do a lot of research myself, so when I come to something new, it seems to have come from the West, and the rest of my fellow teachers haven't heard of it. In fact, this past summer I went to a conference about Brain-Based Ed., which seems to have been big out West for some time... not one person from my area that i have encountered has heard of it! Weird!