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party games/foods, Hostessing?



I'm getting married and have lived at home with my parents even through college so I've never really thrown a party or had people over in the way I would if I had my own home. I've only recently started going to more grown up parties/get togethers hosted by family members and people a few years older than me who have their own place. I'm thinking ahead to when we have our own house after the wedding and I'm looking for ideas of games to play (I've heard scene it is good, anyone have comments?) and just any foods/appetizer type things to serve. Any entertaining guests tips/ideas would be welcome. Thanks! :)


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A really really fun game to play that can onvolve a large group of people is Cranium. It's a combination fo Pictionary, trivia, charades and word games. It's soooo fun.


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We aren't exactly big entertainers, but when we have people over, we usually grill something pretty easy (fajita meat, hot dogs, etc.), and we almost always play Cranium. We love that game :)


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Food and games

I like to just have a table of finger foods or appetizers, and people can just snack when they want. I love taco dips, artichoke dips, meatballs, and "puppy chow". In college, we used to have game night at our house, and we played Scategories, Friends Trivia, and Sopranos Trivia (we were really into TV!) Have fun!