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Miss C

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I'm single and still live at home with my parents. I make about $20,500/year teaching in a small private school. I could make more elsewhere, but it's my passion, and I can't imagine not doing it. I went to a PartyLite party Friday night, and have really started thinking about maybe starting to sell it. I've been to the parties several times before, but this was different. Anyway, I love talking to groups of people (hello. I teach! ;) ), and I really could use the extra money. I'm thinking that, with the money from that, I could actually have the resources to get my own place. Apartment maybe. Or a house! The rent for apartments around here is like $550+/month! Anyway, does anyone have any experience with PartyLite or anything similar? Are there any negative things that I should be aware of? I really want to see if I can make this thing work. It seems that it may be the answer to my current situation. My parents are great, but I'm 26, and would really like a place of my own.


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I have hosted one partylite party in my life and didn't get much out of it. However, I have been to and hosted many Pampered Chef Parties. I became a consultant for PC. One of the things you need to think about is how much STEADY income it can bring in. It only works if you can keep the ball rolling and keep booking parties. Once the parties stop your business stops. I became inactive and eventually didn't sell anymore. Then last summer I decided that I really enjoyed it and wanted to give it another try. I had a few parties but just couldn't get them rolling and have since gone inactive again. With this kind of work, it takes someone who can get bookings for shows and keep them coming. I thought I could do that, but found it was not my thing. ALso, do you have to have an inventory? I know I don't have to have one, but need to order at least once a month with at least $200.00 to remain active. Pampered Chef is a great company, it is just that that kind of work is not for me. Good Luck.

Brooke S.

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Mary Kay

I sold Mary Kay about 6 years ago. It is was difficult for me, because you could waste time at a party and not have anyone buy anything, but then again you could go to another one and sell lots. You have to be organized enough to make phone calls and continue booking parties. Good luck with your decisionn. I know that the people that do well really stick with it and end up doing a good job.



Marketing the parties and maintaining the momentum is hard, but I say give it a shot... You would at the least learn it is not for you and you might make it big time! People do! As far a Mary Kay, I used to sell that and did well until I moved to a new state and never got it going again here. Now, Arbonne is the better skincare line and my sister is loving doing that. The Mary Kay Lady at my church switched to Arbonne, as well. Good luck!


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Sell what you use and love

I have been to and hosted many many MANY home parties...as soon as we moved to the suburbs, I was somehow sucked into the vortex of home parties. :p I think the key to be successful (keeping in mind I have never sold anything) is to pick a product that you really love and use all the time. The salespeople who do well seem to have a real passion for what they sell. I personally love the Stampin'UP products and if I was to try to make a go of anything, I would choose that. Good luck!


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I've tried it too...

I have done Pampered Chef off and on for 6 years now. I love it a lot, but it does get to be a pain dragging all that kitchen stuff around. I am currently working for a brand new company called Country Bunny Bath and Body. It's like spa treatments at home. Much easier to handle--carrying stuff to spa shows, booking (nobody's ever heard of it), and I feel like it's something different that you don't see much in home parties. No inventory, to stay active it's $300 every six months. I agree with the other posters though, you have to choose the products your interested in and go from there to see if you enjoy the work. Good Luck!!


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Nurse changes carrers

I have a friend who was a surgical nurse for Kaiser Hospital and now sells Partylite and has been very succesfull. She has a "go get it" personality and hustles. She has been able to go on cruises, trips to Europe and the Orient. This week, her family and her are in Aruba (all expenses paid by Partylite)


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Something new........

I'm with you on that one. I cannot support myself on a teacher's salary here in Vegas. I have found that the best way to make money with any of these products is to 1) get involved early before everyone else knows about it and 2) find a product that most people like.

I've recently found one that fits that criteria and hardly anyone knows about. I've done exremely well with it in the past 5 months. It's a technology company here in Las Vegas. I could make much more if I worked it harder, but the extra income it provides with minimal effort on my part is enough for me.

Check out this website if you want:


There's nothing to buy there, just info.

Heck, why you're at it, check out how I used these very same products in the classroom to develop a pullout and afterschool program I'm launching next year. It landed me a new interventionist position at my school that came with a $5000 raise in itself. Yahoo!

David Millette - 2006
Accelerated Math Video Intervention Program

Ø Teacher/student ratios in the classroom make it very difficult to address the varying levels of development from kindergarten to 5th grade or beyond.
Ø Data-driven scientifically based teaching efforts that focus on NCLB can close student achievement gaps.
Ø When students have achievement gaps, they can be empowered to do something about it by providing them with access to the content that addresses their individual needs.
Ø The use of the Accelerated Math program in combination with targeted instructional videos is one way to address all of these issues.

How The Videos Works

Web-streaming media provides the capability of web-enabled communication 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. I have chosen VM Direct, located right here in Las Vegas, to provide access to their media products. VM Direct has been perfecting streaming media technology for the past 9 years and now provides state of the art products.
Ø I will use VM Direct’s infrastructure for the development of the instructional videos on demand.
Ø I will electronically prepare all of the Accelerated Math objectives for grades 3 through 5 and place them on the web in targeted instructional videos. I estimate the time required to electronically prepare 442 objectives at approximately 20-25 hours.
Ø I have purchased a customer account at a cost of $40 per month and a $50 web camera. This entitles me to 300 minutes of video on demand per month. As of now and for the past year and a half, VM Direct does not charge any additional fees for video on demand usage beyond the 300 minutes, but eventually this could cost 2 cents per minute for all minutes over 300. I estimate an intervention program to require 7200 minutes per month for 30 students to access one-hour worth of videos per week and I estimate the eventual total cost to run the program at approximately $180.00 per month plus the cost of paper if and when the company ever decides to charge for this usage.
Ø I will personally cover the cost of these requirements in terms of both time and money at no expense to the school provided that I am chosen to run the program.

How the Intervention Program Works

An intervention program could be implemented as early as February of 2006, and would include the following features:
Ø A pullout or after school program strategically targeting students that are a year or less below grade level in math.
Ø Student tracking, including interventions needed, interventions provided and objectives mastered will be provided by the Accelerated Math program, electronically prepared instructional videos and teacher created small group lessons.
Ø Administration of pretests and posttests on each specific standard will be given.
Ø Students will work on the objectives they need, as opposed to spending time on skills they have already mastered.
Ø Students will receive interventions by watching individualized instructional videos on the computer and by working with the teacher in one on one, or in small group settings.

Additional Highlights of the Program:

Ø Expansion into additional content in the future could be a possibility.
Ø Lessons are archived which give the students the opportunity of having a teacher present a concept over and over and over again whenever needed, both at school and at home.
Ø Students can access individual skills that they should have mastered in previous grades.
Ø Students can be graduated out of the program and new students could replace them throughout the year as they make progress.
Ø I predict that a years worth of growth in a six month time period could be possible with this targeted program.



Message from David Millette

The ideas that I have presented to you sprang from my desire to help my students. I began by thinking about how I could help the 28 students in my classroom and I expanded my thoughts to how I could help the students at my school. I believe this same idea could be used to help all of the students within my school district and beyond. I am extremely excited to share these ideas with you.
Like every other teacher, I am only one person in the classroom. In an effort to be successful, I have frequently given up my lunches to help my students and I have provided free, after-school tutoring for selected students, as well. But, I have always felt that I needed something more. I needed something that would address the huge learning gaps demonstrated by these students while still being able to challenge my higher-level students. I needed something that would empower those students that were willing to work hard towards achieving that goal.
This idea was borne out of these circumstances. I was introduced to VM Direct web streaming technology in November of 2005. Over time, I began to see the possibilities created by this technology in the education of children. I began to outline a plan to utilize this technology in my classroom. Using video and a proven individualized learning program like Accelerated Math, I think the face of education could be fundamentally changed. Teachers can now have timely access to vital data driven information concerning gaps in their student’s learning. And, students can now have access to direct teacher instruction geared toward their own individual needs and available to them on demand whenever they need it. The possibilities are mind-boggling.
Thank you for considering my proposal and I look forward to the future of education in Nevada.
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hi Miss C I sell partylite and love it however I have found something else that I love and I think with your schdule you will too. Give me an email to find out more. you don't sell anything it is actually quite easy.


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another opportunity

Hi Just wondering if you were interested in trying something new? There are no shows involved there are webcasts to check it out if you are interested? I sell Partylite and do this , email me if you are interested.