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Passion Projects


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We met with our wonderful financial planner yesterday just to touch base now that I am officially retired. All is as we have planned, so no worries

As he spoke about how we are all set and have no financial worries, he mentioned that other clients have discovered “Passion Projects.” Some do volunteer work, some discovered they enjoy painting (pictures, not walls and ceilings!), and so on.

I was wondering if any of you have Passion Projects? What do you have time to do now that brings you joy and satisfaction?

I know that I don’t want to be tied to a schedule, but I’m open to ideas in case I feel the need to do something. (I can’t imagine being bored, but you never know!)



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I have no passion project. I'm happy going to classes at the gym and taking ones at a lifelong learning institute. I'm a retiree who needs structure, and those provide that for me. I also have a fair amount of free time.

Ima Teacher

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I am running the newly-added Dolly Parton Imagination Library for our county. It’s a perfect outlet for my planning & organizing tendencies. It’s big, but not labor-intensive.

I also have a very small crafting business. I mostly do projects with my Cricut, but I do some sewing, too. This week I did two sets of t-shirts, two yard signs, a set of decals, and some hemming. It’s enough work to keep me busy, but not enough that it feels like an actual job. DH has picked up woodworking, and we collaborate on projects sometimes. Our most recent was these shelves in exchange for work from our tattoo guy.
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I have always loved art and the process. After I retired I started taking lessons in clay modeling, drawing, painting, mosaic and fusing glass at local studio. Now I do most of those at home. Once in a while I actually produce something that turns out well. But most of the time it is not that good or just okay. However, I always enjoy the process. It is creative fun!

Good luck finding your passion.:D


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No *passion* projects unless you count hanging out with my grandchildren ;) but I am enjoying having the time to explore art. Like 1956, I enjoy the creativity and process.


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I’m enjoying your replies!

Right now I’m happily working on projects around the house, and having as much fun as possible. I have started running again, since I can wait until it’s fully light out and others are at the park in back of my house. I do love jogging along the river.

Im looking forward to reading more replies. Im so glad to officially be part of the happiest place on PT!


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I also just retired. No passion project at this point, but I started playing pickleball this summer for some fun, exercise, and socialization.

I am a docent once a week at a house museum, but it closes for the season mid Oct.

I work a 3 hour shift once a week with a friend at our community kitchen. We also walk for an hour together many days.

My school ( next door to me) just asked if I want an every Monday I'm available gig covering classrooms for in-house meetings ( pre sped referral process) and I'm going to that for a while too.

So, some structure, a little $$, but plenty of free time too.

Cat woman

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I spend a lot of time in my sewing room. I do regular sewing, quilting, and embroidering. Many times I will be embroidering a project while I sew or quilt another. I take both online and in person classes to learn new techniques. I do sell some items at craft shows, but really enjoy making things for friends and family so I limit shows to only about two a year. I have a running list of new techniques I want to try. I have discovered that people who sew are some of the friendliest people!

I also volunteer at a no kill animal shelter. It is where we adopted our three cats from.

Another “passion” of mine is helping the monarch population. I have transformed our yard into a Monarch Waystation so maintaining that is enjoyable for me. I volunteer through the University of Georgia to test them for OE and I tag the migratory ones for Monarch Watch.


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My favorite activities that I now have more time for are still walking and reading.

Feeding/watching hummingbirds and playing mahjong are my new passion projects. Mahjong has been my favorite new retirement activity; it’s intellectually challenging, social, and fun (plus I can practice online in my recliner).
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I’m learning how to quilt and agree with Catwoman that people who sew are very friendly. I made two friends in my sewing class and we get together once a month for open sewing at our local shop.


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Passion Project

Your financial advisor thinks of his clients in a well rounded way to suggest a passion project. How awesome to have him!

I wish that I was crafty with sewing and knitting. Designing on the computer is fun for me. I used to make things for my classroom and have made posters to label my mother-in-law’s home. She has severe dementia and they help her when my BIL is not in the room. I also make inserts for my A5 agenda.

I attend Bible study, a book club, and DH and I are starting adult German next week- Intermediate for me, beginning for him.


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I love that so many of you are doing something for your community in your retirement. I retired less than a year before COVID and have not got around to really planning a service slant to my time. I do plenty for me😀.

I guess the one thing that I have done is commit to making a monthly treat for the staff where I retired from. This past week I dropped it off as many of them were arriving. It was great to see so many old colleagues. I love to bake and make appetizers but they are not consumed at home. I know that my simple gesture is appreciated.

I had planned to volunteer with the art program at the school. That program has been discontinued and I am not ready to take it on alone. This thread has helped me to refocus on some sort of service.


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I’m not much of a “hobby” person but I may look into some offerings this fall through our local senior center. I do enjoy my daily walk and twice weekly water aerobic class. I keep meaning to look into local bird watching groups in the area too. I do volunteer work at a kid clothing bank. We give away over $125,000 a year in new clothes to students in districts within our county. Last year we bagged clothing to be distributed to over 4,000 students. This keeps me busy September-March.


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I love that so many of you are doing something for your community in your retirement.
Great observation, luvmycat. You make me feel momentarily guilty because my retirement is quite self-centered. I had intended to volunteer in the field of adult literacy, but Covid hit and I’m still not ready to be in close proximity to strangers for extended periods. So, I selfishly enjoy my activities.

NJ Teacher

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I am enjoying not having a schedule. I do enjoy taking fitness classes at my local wellness center. I love spinning, and also do a barre class and a couple of body conditioning classes for strength and balance.

Reading is also something I am finding time for. During the height of the pandemic, I started listening to authors online and “met” a group of women with whom we have regular book chats and Zoom meetings with authors. I visit my library regularly.

I also made time for the beach this summer and am enjoying going to local craft festivals. I enjoy decorating the house seasonally and finding interesting accents.


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I started taking violin lessons 2 years ago. Every piece and etude I work on, I think "This is hard!" It is hard and I get past it until the next hard thing. This summer I have thought that my progress has felt stagnant. My teacher pointed out that my progress is slow, but I'm still progressing. I remind myself of that. I know this is great brain work as well.


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My husband and I bought an RV and travel a lot. We take our RV in the winter to volunteer at a children's home in Florida for at -risk children. I tutor. My husband does maintenance work.

We bought two electric bikes and find beautiful trails all over the country to ride.

I crochet and read.

We also have two beautiful little grandchildren that take up a lot of our time.


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Passion projects

I love reading these responses. We are an eclectic group with a wide variety of passions. I like that your financial advisor mentioned this to you.
I have lots of ideas for the future like volunteering for the wheels on meals program. But right now my biggest passion is at home. Gardening both veggies and flowers fulfills my need to be outdoors working and enjoying nature. We do donate our bounties to the local food bank and church down the street. We'll give away pumpkins to friends and neighbors too. There are dozens getting ready to be picked.


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My passion project

I’d encourage everybody to consider an active role influencing the political future of education. I’m a believer that almost every decision in this arena is political. Please think about how you can make a difference in the future of education.


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Passion Project Part 2

I forgot to mention this because during Covid I stopped but will be starting up again. I volunteer with a program that give homeless families shelter and then helps them with skills to find future employment. I tutor young students with their schoolwork and adults with anything they might need.

Also, I’ve been away from our fitness center for a bit but generally I’m there two to three times a week.

DH and I also like to work on our home that was built in 1878.


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I'm a church organist/pianist, now. I was initially a little reluctant to take that on, but I find that I'm happy to still have a reason to maintain my musical skills.

I've been able to expand my volunteer work for the boy choir my grandson sings in. Covid has caused them to struggle a bit to maintain membership and funding so I'm happy to give some time to that.

I just did the paperwork to volunteer for SAM25, our local homeless shelter. They do some very important work. They don't just provide shelter and food in the winter months, they also provide basic medical care and run a thrift shop.

I'm considering busting out my sewing machine and refreshing my quilting skills. My grandmother was an expert quilter and I learned a lot from her, but I haven't done it in decades. There's a quilting group at my church, though, so it might be an avenue for getting to know some of those ladies.


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Baking is my passion project.

I have been learning about different kinds of breads. I am REALLY wanting to master sugar cookie and cake decorating. I am much busier with my part-time jobs than I expected I would be when I retired, but at least my mind is not occupied with school tasks.


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Retirement has allowed me to have more time to attend Pilates reformer classes, go to the gym for strength training 3 times a week, and take walks, and read during the day.

Travel is something I really enjoy, whether it is a roadtrip, river cruise. or beach vacation.

Currently, I am helping plan our 50th high school reunion which happens next weekend. I will begin bible study next week.

Once a month, my husband and I shop for groceries to help a local food pantry. Getting together with retired teachers for lunch once a month brings much joy.

I am looking for a volunteer activity but unsure if I am ready to add another scheduled time to my day.