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pasta salad help!


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Anyone have a pasta salad recipe that you love? I am bringing the pasta salad to my husband's family's Thanksgiving tomorrow and I have never made one. I looked at some recipes online but I'm not sure which one would be good since I personally can't stand pasta and never eat it. Any suggestions? And yes, I understand the irony of me bringing the pasta salad when I will not even eat it myself.....:D Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!


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diced onion
diced salami (from deli)
cubed mozz cheese
broccoli (sp?)
diced tomatoes
diced cucumber

Right before I serve it, I pour on Italian dressing that I make with a Good Seasonings Packet but I use balsamic vinegar instead of reg vinegar.


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Another one

Cooked pasta (rotini works well)
Chopped up vegies (I use carrots, celery, green and red bell pepper, broccoli, onion, and tomato)
mozerella cheese

After mixing all the above, sprinkle on McCormick's salad supreme seasoning (found in the spice section), and Kraft Zesty Italian dressing. I don't have exact measurements, because I eyeball it.


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I cheat...

I am not a HUGE fan of the pasta salads either. I just buy a couple of boxes of Suddenly Salad and mix it up. It always gets eaten and saves me time. Shhhhh..... don't let my secret out! <!--misspeak-->


betty crocker

You can buy pasta salad "fixins" in a box called Suddenly Salad.

I've used this before and it was good.

I usually just use elbow mac with some chopped onion, celery, halved cherry or grape tomato, broccoli would be ok, some shredded carrot maybe.... and my "secret" ingredient is a little italian salad dressing... like 2-3 tbs. Then I mix in mayo as usual.


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Cook a box of pasta of any shape...I like elbows or shells. Throw in chopped green pepper, carrots, and chunks of cheddar cheese. Occasionally I throw in cucumber chunks too. Don't put cheese in when pasta is still warm...gets gooey! Add mayo and a few squirts of Italian dressing to your liking. Add a bit more dressing just before serving...it starts to dry out a bit. So easy and everyone always loves it! (It's more of a summery bbq type kind than the real soupy/creamy kind you see sometimes, but it always gets eaten!)