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Pastor Appreciation Month


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I am looking for some fresh ideas to honor the Pastoral staff at our school. Any ideas that can be done easily by 2nd graders would be greatly appreciated. :)


We gave out a coupon book last year. I was trying to connect students with the pastorial staff. We invited them to come watch a play we gave in Nov., to read us a book one month, to join in a class party we had them be our special guest where we had warm fuzzies ready-they were written so we read them and then gave them to the pastor in the form of a booklet, and invited them on a field trip we took. I think it was enjoyed by both students and pastorial staff...and almost all the coupons were used! Have fun!


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We give a picnic. We have the pastor come to our room. We have made vege soup from a field trip to the farmers market, we do it around the same time each year. We invite him in. Then we take our cup of soup and our other lunch outside on the the plastic table clothes (dollar store) on the ground and have a picnic. He loves it and the kids feel so special "making lunch" for him