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Pearl phone??? (Thinking of getting one)



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I Have One!

I have the Blackberry PDA Smartphone. I love it! Very easy to use and not a single problem yet. I'm with AT&T wireless. I guess I'll have to get my DD one for Christmas since she only has a razor and likes to borrow mine for internet access while we are out and about and to her the games are more "cool":)


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The nice thing is they are not very expensive compared to some of the other Blackberries, and I don't think that they are different in quality. Verzion is running a special now for $150. It is really easy to use if you need all the features. I admit I don't use most of them...so make sure you will. There is a much cooler phone coming out from Verizon in the next week or so, so I would check that out too if you are looking for these type of features that the Pearl has. I can't remember the name of it right now... Happy phone shopping!


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I have the Blackberry Red Pearl and love it. I use the calendar and back it up on my computer. I have my e-mail from home set to go to my phone. I have used the maps function and it is very accurate. The internet is easy to use. I think some of the newer models have a better camera, but I have taken some decent pictures with mine.
The only thing that I wish was different is receiving ring tones by bluetooth. All of my family and most of my friends share ringtones. When they send it to my phone they get a message that it is not supported???? My friend's husband has a blackberry curve and he has the same problem that I do. Oh well, I just purchase my ringtones from AT&T. If you are not interested in using many of the functions I would look for a different phone. My husband has a PDA and only listens to music and talks on the phone. He does not want another PDA with all of the extra things that he does not use.
Hope this helps some.