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Pecan Pie??


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I'm going to attempt a pecan pie for tomorrow. My question is, can I make it tonight and will is still taste fresh tomorrow? If I make it tonight, should I refridgerate it or should I just wait until tomorrow.

I never cook early, So I really have no idea what can or cannot be prepared ahead of time.


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My mom ALWAYS cooks hers early and they still taste yummy. She keeps it cool until she serves it. Saves a lot of headache on the big day.


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Yes it will

It will still be fresh, just be sure to cover it after it cools. I put mine in the fridge, but I like cold pie. I made pumpkin and apple pies this morning.


I'd suggest

I'd say you ought to put it in a cool area (not in the fridge) until tomorrow. If you live in a cool enough climate, you can put it in the garage or something (covered w/ foil).

If you want to heat it up tomorrow, put foil around the edge to protect the crust from burning.

My garage is like a smorgasboard right now. I've got applesauce, cranberry sauce, pumpkin crisp and apple pie out there. I've also got my stuffing prepped (vegetarian - don't worry - I don't intend to put it in the bird). If it were just a little cooler out tonight, I'd put the bird in the pan ready to go - but I don't want to take the chance on that one.