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Peer Editing Checklists(?)



I was wondering if anyone had a copy of or knew where I could get a sample peer editing checklist? My students wrote Halloween stories (4th grade) and instead of me correcting them, I want to get them started on peer editing and working with a partner. My goal is that they will realize some weak parts of their writing (ie weak verbs/adjectives) and have peer input for correction. Any help is much appreciated!


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I just typed "Peer Editing" in my google searchbar and a whole bunch of sites came up. I took what I liked from a few different sites to create my own peer editing checklist. You may want to create a checklist that you can add new things to as you teach new strategies. Good luck!!


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suggestions for peer editing

I just saw your message and thought better late than never :)
I teach third and start out my year teaching peer editing. For example I might (for september) have them underline the first letter in each sentence and place a square around the punctuation. Adding to the list checking for name, title, spacing, neatness, etc. I will add to their editing checklist each month. Maybe underline in red each time they use "I" and see if they can help replace "I" with another word or phrase. I entered the mall could be.... Entering the mall, I was so excited to....... They can underline the topic sentence in green and discuss other ways to improve it or keep it. I just add when I need to have them check one thing....Adding strong verbs, I might have them Circle and replace. I try to have them do different things. Place a square, circle, highlight, underline, etc. If I let them just edit OUCH!! They make it worse. I grade only what needs to be graded.......As the year continues our cheklist continues to grow. Hope this helps.