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Pen Pals Next Year

Language Arts | Writing 


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I am a first grade teacher in Delaware who is looking for another class to write back and forth and share information with! I think it would be a great way to get the students excited about writing. Anyone interested?


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me too!

I would love to, too, especially since I am trying to include more letter-writing! :)

Let me know! Thanks!


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room for another penpal???

I am a first year first grade teacher. I would love for my class in NW Missouri to have another class to write back and forth with. What a great iea.


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I have 28 on my roster for next year! From NY. Please send me a message if interested.

The roster may change plus or minus 1, but I can always get a strog writer to write additional letters...

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I am losing my pen pal in Arizona and would like another class to write to next year. I am guessing I will have about 20 or so first graders next year. We are from South Jersey.


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I am losing my Pen Pal

I am from Texas and would love to have a new pen pal.
The teacher who I was pen pals with last year, she moved.
So, I am interested in getting a new pen pal.


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Yes, count me in!

I would love to have pen pals this year. I will have 18 students and we are in Nebraska. Let me know if this would be of interest to any of you.


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would love penpals...think i will have around 23-25 students....legislature is still out on class sizes.....(at least i think they are)
class in orchard, texas
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Are you still looking for pen pals? I am a first grade teacher in Texas. I am searching for other teachers who want pen pals for the 2011-2012 school year. I am looking for myself and my team (3 other teachers) so if our classes were to write to one another, it might be with my class or one of the other first grade classes. I am doing all the legwork finding our pals. We expect to have 20-25 in each of our classes. If one of us were to have more students, that teacher would need some of their more capable writers to write to a couple of kids instead of one. Would this be ok with you?

Please e-mail me if you are interested: zipsmom1#yahoo.com



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How many students do you expect to have in your class this year? Also, are you still looking for a class to write?


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Are you still looking? If you are, where are you located and how many students do you expect to have in your class this year?