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pen pals


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Hello everyone, I hope you all had a restful winter break and hope you have a wonderful New Year! My classroom is interested in having penpals for the remainder of the year. Since I visited Hawaii this summer and have talked to them alot about it, they are interested in having penpals from there, but other places would be cool as well. We are located in deep South Texas, San Juan, Texas to be exact which is just mintues from Mexico. I have 20 students in my 5th grade classroom. My email is jaguerra@psja.k12.tx.us, if anyone is interested.


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a 5th grade class and teacher are interested

THough we are from nowhere as exotic as Hawaii, I'd love to try and begin some correspondence with your students if you are interested in kids from Greensboro, NC. WE are one 5th grade class of 10 at a private school for ADHD/or learning disabilities.
My email is pattyg@guilfordday.org.
hope to hear from you directly in email or i'll check response on the message board here.


5th Grade Teacher

My class would love to have pen pals! We are a 5th grade class of 25 students, from Highland, Michigan, which is a distant suburb of Detroit. I'm always looking for ways to get my students to write, and I think they would really enjoy this. Please e-mail me at KAD909@aol.com. Thanks!