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penguin activities



an art activity:

have kids use white crayon to color snow on the white paper...then paint over the white crayon lightly with blue watercolors, add penguin stickers....


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penguin ideas

My penguin unit is in February but penguins are fun all year.
1. We read Mr Popper's Penguins
2. learn about the height of different varieties of penguins then a group of students draw the correct size on large paper (we have used bulletin board paper so we did not have to tape penguin together) and attached them in a row along a wall, bottom of penguin touching the floor - the students can stand next to each type and compare their height
3. use the type of clay that dries hard and mold a penguin shape - you can stick a paperclip in the head for hanging in classroom or an ornament - then let dry and paint
4. create a calendar with a different penguin fact on each day or a short assignment which has to do with penguins, ex: Name 5 living creatures in Antarctica, etc
Hope some of this helps - there are many resources out there, these are a few I like to do :)