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personal day/testing week


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I have saved my personal day to go on my daughter's field trip. She is in kindergarten. I have told her all year that I would go with her. I just found out that our testing week has been moved. Now her field trip is right in the middle of our testing week. I hate to put my class before my daughter but I know me being gone will disrupt my class and I fear that they will not do as well on the test. What should I do?


Family first

I would say that your family comes first, and you've told your daughter that you would go. You had it planned so that it wouldn't interrupt anything major at school, and then the school changed plans on you. You have to decide which is more important: field trip with daughter or class's testing. Is there maybe an administrator or another teacher at school who can give the test so that the class isn't so thrown off by a sub?


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test date

can't you rearrange your test date with someone (or at least the time?)

our testing is done over a 2 week period, on computers, in the lab we share--so for me that would be an option.


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After being a stay-at-home mom for 9 years, I went back to teaching. The first year I went back, my 4th grade son had a field trip. I didn't want to get a sub (I'm very territorial!), so I didn't go with him. I remember watching his bus drive away, and I was kicking myself. I regretted not going with him. Yeah, he did fine without me, but I just remember that sad feeling I had that I was putting my job over my child. I vowed never to do that again. In fact, I went on a field trip with my other son just today! I'd say either change your testing day, if you can, or just remind your students ahead of time, so it won't be a big surprise for them. They'll be fine. If they're not, that's okay too. You're daughter is your first priority. :)

c green

Go on the trip!

Your daughter will remember going on a kindergarten field trip with her mom. The kids will not remember if their teacher was absent one day during testing week. Try to make sure someone they know administers the test, but for heaven's sakes, go on the field trip! It's not your fault the school messed you over.


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Go! Go! Go!

Go on this trip with your daughter. It's an opportunity to build special memories. Remember to take a camera and scrapbook this year for her. In years to come you can both sit and relive the memories together. My children are grown and now I can't go on the field trips that I chose work over. They're in Kindergarten one day and grown and left the next. I hope you and your daughter have a great day! Sorry about the spelling error.


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I'm looking forward to going on my son's field trip in a few weeks! I really need to be with the kindergardeners and away from these 6th graders for a day at the zoo! I'm contemplating making a doctor's appointment for a testing day just so I don't have to test for a day. I get so sick of it all. Okay! I admit it! I'm human and I am a little burned out this year!!!


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Personal day on testing date

My daughter is graduating college in May with her Masters' Degree. Since this is happening 3,00 miles away from where we live, I put in for my allowed "Child's Graduation Day", and my two personal days before we got out of school last year because I knew there might be a problem getting the time off. The graduation is on Memorial Day Weekend.

The state changed our testing dates so that now my class will be taking part of the mandatory tests while I am away. While I feel badly on one level that I won't be there with my students, my first allegiance is to my daughter and supporting the wonderful accomplishment she has achieved. I agree with the other posters that family comes first.


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Spring break

Congrats on your daughter's graduation.

My prinicipal doesn't feel that you should put family first. I guess I am always afraid of what she will say. I don't know why because I am leaving the district at the end of the year.

We have been on spring break so I haven't talked to my principal yet. My husband told our daughter that he could go. I think that I will let my daughter decide who she wants to go. Our testing isn't a state test just a district test. I thought I would see if the K teacher and I could switch our test to the next week. I wouldn't be surprised if my personal day is denied. That has happened to other people. What recourse do I have?
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