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Pet Theme


Senior Member
Any ideas on doing Pets as a theme for 6-7 year olds. A very short theme of 1-2 weeks. Thank you.:)


Pet Theme ideas

I'm getting ready to do a pet theme too.

I found this internet story that I want to project:

A lot of preschool ideas about pets, cats and dogs, and even birds, turtles, fish and mice can be modified for older children.

Where oh where has my little dog gone?

Turn this song into a North, South , East, West or coordinates on a graph activity

How Much is That Doggie in the Window
A darling singable book!
Use the book to teach money concepts.

Seeing Eye Dog
Take this chance to talk about working pets and disabilities

Lost OwnerLetter
Following a formal letter format have student's pets write a letter to the class describing their lost owner. Include a picture of each child's pet (or stuffed animal)


Bird Seed
Weigh it, compare it to other feed.

Clifford and Curious George
Don't forget these pet favorites!
Arthur has a puppy story too.

Files Galore
Looking through my files I found a lot of ideas that were in strange places - Mini books, folder games, math pages, puppets, shoe box math centers, bulletin boards, writing activities...

And I can't wait to use our districts die cut of a dog bone!

Good luck!