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Philosophy of Parents




I received a nasty email with some untrue slanderous remarks yesterday. I have refined my philosophy of parents:

There are many people in the world who are mentally ill, are drug dependant, are alcoholics, have personality disorders, are gossips and slanders and/or are generally mean people. Many of these people have children. These children get a little older and go to school. These people will act in an unkind, cruel and slanderous manner in order to make themselves seem like they are not the problem. These behaviors will generally be directed towards their child's teachers and these teachers will wonder what is going on. After reflection, the teacher needs to remember the first part of this paragraph.


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So true.....

Cope and document. Never meet with the crazies alone. Treasure your sane parents. They are such gifts after such a harrowing message.


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Almost every year there is at least one of these crazies in a classroom. Follow the advice given above...document and NEVER meet with this parent unless you have someone else with you. Make copies of all notes, emails, etc. Keep a file AT HOME!! One year I had a child who was very depressed, rarely did his work, missed school. The previous year's teacher documented parent neglect in the child's permanent folder. I added notes, things the child did in class, etc. Come mid-year all the notes were taken out of the file, and they just "disappeared". Two years later the child committed suicide, the parent was on the front page of the newspaper blaming the school for not letting her know that there was a problem. That taught me a painful lesson...keep a second file at home and let one trusted teacher know you have it.


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those crazy parents

I once had a well-documented, belligerent parent who was known to be a heavy drinker arrive at the school to "take me on." I was given a warning by one of the teachers that he was coming, and I slipped out the back door before he could find me. It is important to have an administrator or other ammunition to help you when such things happen. I agree with barb3: don't meet alone with any of the crazies.