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Phonics- at words


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I am a junior in college hoping to become an Early Elementary school teacher. For one of the classes I am taking, my teacher has to come in and observe me teaching. I am very nervous because I haven't taught very many lessons, nor have I taught many lessons of my own. I am going to teach a lesson on phonics at words like bat, hat, etc. I have been trying to think of a fun way to gain their attention and interest in at words, teach them about the at words and a fun activity to follow the lesson up with. I want to impress my teacher, but I am so scared. If you have any ideas or tips, I would greatly appreciate it. Please Help! Thanks.


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This may be lame but...here goes

Read Cat in the Hat as a starter--then use a striped cat's hat as the word ladder for the "-at" family. Maybe they could color every other stripe red when they finish. If you had enough time at the end maybe get a copy of the cat's face and glue the hat to his head.

Here is a web site with some ideas and resources as well.
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cat hat idea above is a good one
make at blank boxes in the middle of each stripe to put words in by filling in the first letter. Color the stripes and staple the hat to a head band so they can wear their at hats.


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I love the hat idea, it's very cute! Quick question, what grade are you doing this in?

If it is first grade this word family is going to be very easy because it is taught at the end of KG and reviewed the first week of school. My 1st kids all knew it from last year (even the lows). With that being said, for the early finishers challenge them to write a short story on the back of the hat using as many of the words on their hat as they can. These can turn out pretty funny! You could also have them write a sentence using as many as they can and illustrate. This shows your teacher how you extend the learning for higher students, and will prevent the "I'm done" rush we all hate while being observed!

Best of luck to you, you'll do great! :D