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Photo Mat Magnets - Please help



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I need help finding photo mat magnets to put on my students' lockers. I want to be able to have them create a picture with their name and then put it inside the mat on their lockers. I have looked everywhere to find mats (cheap). Any ideas?? Oriental trade has a snowflake magnetic mat but snowflakes are not a school theme. Please help!


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Can you find mats that aren't magnetic and just add some magnetic tape to the back of them to get them to stick to the lockers? It would take a bit of time but you could cut mats from card stock and laminate them so they are sturdy and then put the magnets on them.


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Can you make your own? Wal mart as well as other places carry magnet paper you can put through your computer printer. Come up with your mat/frame and then print. When I run things on these magnetic sheets I only put one in the printer at a time. They turn out so cute and can be cut easily with scissors. I've never made frames but in doing so you could create whatever frame design you want. I once had each kid design or find a clipart picture to print for a magnet for their mother for Mother's Day. Forgot all about that idea until I read your post. Good luck.


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what about

the dollar stores in your area? I'm in Canada so I don't know what stores you have or if they carry the same things, but the dollar store in my town carries the magnetic photo "frames" (they're actually just a large magnet with an attached plastic cover that you slide a picture into). Is that what you're looking for? Maybe your dollar type stores carry them, too.