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Photosynthesis in Kindergarten



Can anyone give me an idea that deals with Life Science under the Physical Science banner dealing with photosynthesis in Kindergarten? I need to focus on the chemical part of it without boring my k students.



OK this is a crazy subject for little ones. Keep it short and simple. You chould talk until your blue in the face about chemical reactions... they will not understand because it is not at their level. Plants use sunshine and water together to make sugars for food. They are green because of clorophyll.


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Or Make it magic!

You can explain until your blue in the face or just show them a chemical reaction and then relate it to the topic. For example: fill a balloon with baking soda and then stretch it over the top of a water bottle with some vinegar in the bottom it. Lift the balloon and allow the baking soda to drop into the vinegar in the bottle. "MAGIC" or a chemical reaction? The balloon blows up. Now explain chemical reactions in plants. Put a white carnation in water with food color in it. After a few hours the flower will "drink up" the water through the stem, "like a straw". We know because "MAGIC" the edges of the flower are the same color as the water....try several flowers with different colors of water................Now you will have their attention and when you say chemical reaction they will listen!!

Just a thought:) We always have to remember who we are teaching and how to pull them in!