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Pi ideas sought


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I am a math support teacher and am looking for some creative ideas for celebrating Pi Day. It isn't often they get to celebrate a Math event so I thought this would be fun! I am looking for ideas for Gr. 2-8.


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Pi Day

Here are some of the things I have done in the past:

Have a contest to see who can memorize the most numbers of pi

(To bring in other review skills) We graphed our favorite local pizza places. I called the top 3 and asked prices/sizes of all the cheese pizzas. Students had to then see which place had the best price per square inch for pizza (they then got to eat pizza)

With younger kids we had mothers bring in diffrent pies and recipies. We read the recipies, compaired ingrediants, graphed favorites, wrote thank you letters, etc. Wasn't much to do with 3.14 but the rest of the school was doing pi day so our 1st graders did too! They also brought in all the circles they could find!



Several years ago I ran off numbers ( one to a page) and let students decorate them and used them as a boarder around the top of my classroom. Put them in order of PI. It was amazing what the students made out of the numbers. One that I remember was that an 8 was made into fried eggs with bacon on the side. THe students loved this.


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PI ideas

Hi KathyB,

I'm on break right now, so I don't have access to my PI folder at school. However, I do remember doing some fun PI activities a few years ago with my 6th graders, and I plan to do some activities this year....

Hands-on activities are best way to engage the students.

This site is filled with some great ideas (grade level indicated):


Making a PI necklace was the highlight of the lesson. My students proudly wore their necklaces thereafter :)

Have fun!