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Mrs. DZ

New Member
A teacher on our grade level teaches in a pigpen! Her room is nasty! The worst part...it's all of her mess! The kids had no part in this. She even has trash piles under her desk. I went in there to test some kids last week and she was out. The sub started complaining about the room. How can she keep this mess and have any pride? If my kid was in her class I would be outraged! Why hasn't the principal or custodian staff said anything to her? (Yes, it has been this way all year...not because she was out sick.)


Oooh, Gross!

What's the deal? Where are the bombardments of the principal, parents, and custodians? Is she favored in some way or something? I know teachers keep most everything, but you have to organize it, get rid of the obsolete, and throw away the old.

As a teacher-mom who tries to stay out of everything, on this I would complain until my child was removed from such an environment!