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Pink flamingo Bday party (50th)


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Help! I am hosting a bday party for my dear friend and I have decided on a pink flamingo theme. I really need some creative ideas for food, drinks, table decorations etc. I know how creative all of you are and I would appreciate any help that you could give me. I really want to go all out for this party:) Thanks in advance!


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Oriental Trading


Check out the Oriental Trading Company, they have a site on-line. They have all kinds of fun decorations for a pink flamingo party, including giant blow-up pink flamingos, cocoanut cups (and bras if you want to go wild) giant palm tree decorations, fancy plastic glasses, etc.

Sounds like a FUN party! I can't wait to read some of the other suggestions.




Really? Flamigoes? Why? How many flamigoes do you have in Montana? Is it a joke of some kind? I always kid my mom about pink flamigoes because she thinks people that have them up North where they live are so ridiculous. Her neighbor put one on a sign in the yard for when they returned from a trip. It was a joke to aggreviate her. It worked. I suggest a different theme.


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Flamingo party

Well, I think it's a cute idea. Flamingos live in Florida's tropical climate, and so a tropical party at the end of a cold winter would be a refreshing way to get people thinking of spring and summer. I would go with tropical themed foods and drinks...Bay breezes or Sea breezes (they are rose colored drinks that would look nice in pitchers with lemon & orange slices floating). Maybe crabmeat quesadillas cut into appetizer-sized portions, an exotic fruit platter with mango, papaya, pineapple, and strawberries...key lime pie for a dessert. I've seen recipes for key lime cakes too, if you want to have birthday cake.

BTW, when my husband turned 40, some of our friends had him "flocked." This is where a church youth group, as a fundraiser, would go to a person's house and put 40 pink flamingos (or whatever the appropriate number was) in the yard, with a happy birthday sign. It was a funny surprise to drive up and see all those flamingos in the yard. After about 2 days, the youth group came and retrieved them. All the neighbors had a laugh over it, and we did too.

I just noticed that there are some ads along the right side of this screen for party planning and for plastic flamingoes. Maybe you could check some of those links...

Have fun!


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Yes I was going to suggest the flocking. I think there are actually companies (maybe party supplies stores) that do this.


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Check out

www.rosemarycompany.com They have some "over the hill flamingo stuff" ( a pen with a note, "What do elderly people and flamingos have in common? They're both in Florida in the winter." stuff like that. I think it's a really fun theme. I also did a google search and found some cute cakes.