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Pizza Hut's Bookit program


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Does anyone use AR points/percentages as the monthly goal for Pizza Hut's Bookit program? This is my first year participating in the program (4th grade) and I am curious to see if other teachers use it in conjunction with AR. Thanks!

Georgia Girl

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I used the books...

read for AR points when I taught 3rd grade. I set a book goal and then the students chose AR books and took the tests. It worked well. :)


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I used AR points last year. I had the librarian (who administers the AR program) set some kids at higher levels for reading levels so they had to read books at their own level. I have very low level readers in upper elementary, so I set the points between 2-5 points, depending on the length of the month.


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I run the AR student record monthly to send home with my students so their parents can see if they are reading and taking tests. I also look at it then and if they have met the Book-It goals I use it to give them the pizza coupon. To me, there's no point in recording the information twice. Besides, I've had some parents sign the monthly parent record form for the pizza when I KNOW the child hasn't done the reading!


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I do

I use their AR percentage of their goal. So, for October they have to have 33% of their 2nd 9 weeks goal to get their pizza certificate. I worked it out like that for every month. I just counted up to see how far we were in the 9 weeks and used that percentage as their goal. Ex. if by the end of the month we are 55% of the way through the 9 weeks, then they should have at least 55% of their AR goal for the 9 weeks. If they have met that goal, then they get their pizza certificate. I hope this makes sense to you.


I have used it with point goals for A.R. and I have also used it just with parents signing off their child read the required time. You can use it however you'd like. Pizza Hut just wants to support teachers to encourage reading.


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Yes, we use AR goals. Our kids must have an 85% test average for the month AND have their individual point goals for 4 weeks. We figure individual point goals for the week, which they must meet weekly for other rewards, then that times four for Book-it. By going by the total points for the 4 week period, if a child misses a weekly goal, they can still catch up and get their Book-it by earning more points the next week.


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homework log

I use their homework log. If they read 80 percent of a month, they get the BookIt coupon. Tying it to AR would take more time for me.


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book it

i give the book it coupon to the students who complete their book report on time each month.


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Yes, I do!

I use it for those who have reached their monthly goal - like others, the % of the quarterly goal per month.

I also use it on my AR rewards board... for 20 points, they get a certificate, 40 points, 60 points, etc.