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PLasma PRoblems



how do you teach the fourth state of matter -plasma to third graders and fourth graders?? should i intorduce it at all???


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I would let them know that there is a fourth state- plasma, and explain to them that while it the most abundant state in the universe, it is the least abundant state on earth. Do you have flourescent lights in your classroom? When you first turn them on, you can see the plasma movement. Also, I am sure when you bring up plasma, they will all connect it with televisions. You can describe how that works too. But, that is as far as I would go with this grade level. I really think that it is enough that they are just aware that there is a fourth state- plasma. That is more than most people know.


fifth and sixth state of mater

It may be worth while to mention that scientist have created two new states of matter in their laboratories and may create more in the future.

The fifth state of matter was created in 1995 and called Bose-Einstein condensate.

The sixth state of matter was created in 2003 and called fermionic condensate.


I don't think kids should be taught that there is only three states of matter - it's not true.