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Play Station 3


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I'm thinking of buying PS3 for my son for Christmas. I know it's pricey, but also that the price has gone down considerably. Money is tight this year, so I will probably be chipping in w/ his dad and grandmother to get it for him.

Has anyone seen any good deals on the PS3? I don't necessarily need a package (tied in w/ a game).


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PlayStation 3

I haven't seen any deals, I told my son that he couldn't have one. The price of the system has gone down, but the price of the games has not gone down yet, most games are about $50-$60, older games are less. Just one more thing to consider...


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My children want a Play Station2, a couple specific games and the guitar hero thing. Luckily, they're close in age and can share it. They've already asked for 2 controls. Luckily, they haven't mentioned the PS3 because with its cost, they wouldn't get it LOL Santa's having to be cheaper around here. Thankfully, they wouldn't even mind a used one in good shape, but I was able to find one online at a good price. Now, hopefully, their dad or grandmother will get the guitar things.