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please help with this...Thanks



I was wondering if any teachers out can help me with this. For one of my classes I need to come up with anticipated outcomes as a result of any professional development opportunties for reading and math and how I would go about to meet that outcome in a small group. This is what I have so far. Oh yea, this is for the primary grades. (2-3) Thank you so much.. I really appreciate it. As you can see I do not have much to write.

Outcomes - Improve student fluency, improve overall reading comprehension, and increase student vocabulary

Activities - Incorporating technology into the classroom , using guided reading, and using think-alounds, assessing with running records

Outcomes - showing improvement when soloving word problems, learning facts ( addition, subtraction, etc.), rounding...

Activities - Incorporating technology into the classroom, meeting in small groups, using differentiated instruction, using manipulatives, playing various math games to learn different concepts, using songs to help students remember money, rounding...


No, they don't really need to be specific. I just need to come up with outcomes and then come up with activities that I would do to make my outcome possible. Thanks for looking at my post!


just a thought

Outcome: connect literature to real-life experiences
Activities: character charts, journal, dramatic re-creation, reader's theatre (with alternate or student-created endings)

Outcome: along with the reading comprehension; identify story elements, main idea, theme, etc.
Activities: Book talks, Readers' Club and (across grade-level or grade-level) Reading Buddies,

Outcome: identify and manipulate phonemic elements
Activities: word play, phonic slides, word building

Activities for each outcome could also include peer teaching and exploration and discovery with manipulatives.

Outcome: you covered just about everything with the statement used.

Also, aren't the outcomes essentially the state observed standards (or whatever the individual states call their objectives). I am just wondering if you aren't making this harder for yourself. Your objective as a teacher is to be more effective at meeting the student objectives and your professional development probably focuses on that basis. :) Are you trying to focus on the outcomes as a teacher, the activities you present as a teacher, or both...or am I not following (pretty likely....fridays make for mushy brains!!!)

Good luck in your quest!!!