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PLEASE--Writing Ideas for Masters Project



I teach first grade and I am working on my Master's. Of all things I selected writing to do my project on. This is the lowest class I have had in years, but they are beginning to get it. VERY HARD!!!!
Do you have ideas for more ways to teach writing. I am giving them topics, reading stories then writing, visited the fair then wrote about it, what is something that would be very exciting for them to do?
Do you know of a program on the net or to buy that they can pick a picture and then write about it on the computer?

Thanks-- Karla


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writing books

The Art of Teaching Writing by Lucy Calkins and Craft Lessons by Ralph Fletcher both address working with young primary writers.


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people paragraphs

Have each student be a sentence in a paragraph. Write some 5 sentence paragraphs and put them in groups of 5. (Use big sentence strips) Have the students decide the order of the sentences. To present each student holds their sentence and reads it aloud. the class decides if it is the correct order.

Another idea is just to read the exciting beginning of a child's book and stop before the climax and have the students write the ending.

Take the students outside and write down descriptive words students say while they are observing the area. Sensory words (hear, see, smell). When you get in the room write these words on the board for a word bank and have each student write a description of their experience).

Have the principal come in dressed up in a silly way and walk through and do some silly things. Write another word bank on the board and then let the students write down their observations.


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I have attended various workshops on teaching writing in first grade - I was a junior high teacher. I will share some if you are interested. bklyntchr@aol.com


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I have just done research for my degree this year into writing in a year 1 classroom, and it amazed me how much stuff there is out there, and how many different ideas. I could have gone on for months trying them all out. I ended up focusing on getting kids to discuss their stories before and after writing, and teaching them to ask questions about each other's writing. It was great because the ones actually involved in the study made such huge improvements that I implemented it class wide. Their spelling still isn't great but the ideas are heaps better and more structured. If you want any other ideas then you are welcome to email me