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Poem for Parents


Donna Dee

I need a cute and easy to memorize poem for kinders to recite or sing to parents about "parents or family". Does anyone have one they don't mind sharing. Thanks!


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How about:

(to go with a wrapped up box)
Dear Mom/Dad,
This is a very special gift
That you can never see.
The reason it's so special
Is, it's just for you from me.
Whenever you are lonely
Or even feeling blue,
You only have to hold this gift
And know I think of you.
You never can unwrap it
Please leave the ribbon tied,
Just hold the box next to your heart
It's filled with love inside.

I planted some seeds in hopes that they'd grow.
Something went wrong, I just didn't know.
Instead of some flowers, it's a cupful of dirt.
I love you ! I hope your feelings aren't hurt.

Here's a happy Hug-A Bunch
Wrap it around and feel the crunch.
May smiles and kisses come your way
With lots of love on
Mother's / Father's Day.

Our family comes
From many homes,
Our hair is straight,
Our hair is brown,
Our hair is curled,
Our eyes are blue,
Our skins are different
Colors, too.
We're girls and boys,
We're big and small,
We're young and old,
We're short and tall.
We're everything
That we can be
And still we are
A family.
We laugh and cry,
We work and play,
We help each other
Every day.
The world's a lovely
Place to be
Because we are
A family.

I Love You

by Dan Lukiv
I love you,
And you love me.
We should live
In a candy tree.
We'll eat lemon drops,
And chocolate pork chops,
Up in our candy tree.

And when the big wind blows,
And tickles my raspberry nose,
We'll sing and we'll laugh
And we'll make a big splash,
If we fall into the sea,
Hee, hee--
If we fall into the sea.

Copyrighted © 2001 by Dan Lukiv.
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How about changing the words a bit to "We are Family!" by the Pointer Sisters. It would be so cute if the kids were dancing along to the song too.


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"We are a Happy Family"

I love Mommy, she loves me.
We love Daddy yes sir-ee.
He loves us and so you see,
We are a Happy Family.

I love brother he loves me.
We love sister yes sir-ee.
She loves us and so you see,
We are a Happy Family.

Mrs. G

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Here is one

Our family is like
the branches of a tree,
We may grow in different directions
yet our roots remain as one.
Each of us will always
be a part of the other.